"Gratitude opens the door to ... the power, the wisdom and the creativity of the universe.

You open the door through Gratitude"


Deepak Chopra


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Yoga and Acupuncture Practice - Weds 4 Sept 7.45-10pm

£19.00 (Sold out)

Honoring your heart with Vinnett Alvaranga Uzima and Eva Martinez
Space238 Stapleton Road Easton Bristol, BS5 0NS

Let’s open our hearts to the beauty and acceptance of now and to the expression and excitement of the future.

A match made in heaven … From September, we’ll be offering Yoga and Acupuncture every 6-7 weeks to tune in with the seasons.

Summer can be a exhilarating time ... which is yang (masculine) energy season, where we connect with everything and everyone around us. We connect with nature and outdoor living, we spend the longer days socialising with ourselves and each other. In this way we nourish our emotions and heart but also tend to overuse it by depleting our internal energies and in particular the Heart Centre. This is why we have chosen to specifically treat, open and nourish the Heart in this Acupuncture-Yoga fusion practice during the summer-pita-fire season on Weds 4 September from 7.45pm at Space238.

Yoga with Vinnett Alvaranga Uzima is a way to restore our lost wholeness. Yoga is a practice that offers an opportunity to unify your body and mind using postures and breath work that will open the meridians, connect us to the chakra elements and helps to circulate the Prana/ Qi/ Lifeforce around the body. For more information and to book your place please use the following link http://uzima4life.com/shop-class-item-selections/4592868991

Acupuncture with Eva Martinez, with the use of needles, will invite the universal Qi into your body, calming the spirit, harmonising and nourishing the yin (feminine) energy leaving you feeling grounded, connected and pretty chillaxed. For more information and how to book your place, please use the following link  https://www.evacupuncturebristol.co.uk/book-online/yoga-acupuncture-practice

Every once and a while the heart chakra will become out-of-balance or dull due to emotional or energetic “trauma.” So it is important to keep the heart chakra in balance and open it back up to its vibrant life force.

The practice will consist of a "heart-themed" yoga sequence, acupuncture, mantras, mudras, solfeggio sound therapy and meditation of the heart with warming cup of tea to finish the evening.

If this sounds like your kind of evening, please book now by Pay-pal or card. We will confirm and then ask you to complete a pre-screen form nearer the time. We are creating an intimate setting ... with only a few places available.

Investment: Early Bird introductory price £19 (until the 26th August) and £27 thereafter.

The "way of the heart" or the "path of the heart" is living your life from your energy centre of love.
Namaste from Vinnett and Eva