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You open the door through Gratitude"


Deepak Chopra

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Quartz Tumbled Healing Crystals - Master Healer


Quartz Tumbled Healing Crystals 3 x 2.5 x 2.5 cm approx

Rock crystal, clear quartz, is a multi clear stone, ideal for healing as is easy to program, clean and store energy in. It can work to both send and draw energy and works with all major chakras

Approximately 3-3.5 cm in size.  

Price is for one tumbled stone.

Rutilated Quartz Displays prominent strands of rutile and an excellent colour, these Rutilated Quartz Tumble Stones make lovely pieces. Rutilated quartz contains strands of rutile that catch the light. It is believed to bring strength and clarity, lift depression and connect the crown chakra to the solar plexus. Each tumble stone has been tumble polished, a process that smooths and polishes the crystal to reveal its unique colour and form. Tumble stones are a wonderful way to enjoy crystals, whether for their beauty or healing powers. Quartz tumbles make an ideal healing crystal - the perfect size to hold, place on the body or carry with you. They make great gifts and we have a wide range of inexpensive tumbled stones to add to your crystal collection or bring a little natural beauty into your home.

Smoky Quartz is one of the premier grounding and stabilizing stones with an incredible ability to transform low-density, negative energies into lighter, positive energies. Smoky Quartz activates the Root Chakra, enabling one to connect to the Earth's energy field where one's negative energies can be grounded and dissipated. Without proper grounding channels, one may experience increased levels of poor judgment, impracticality, and uncontrollable bouts of irritation, rage, and frustration.

Smoky Quartz provides a safe outlet to help recycle negative energies into the Earth so they may become healthy and usable once again. As the mind chatters and anxieties are eroded away by the influence of Smoky Quartz, one finds clarity and organization in life.

Smoky Quartz's brown color is generally caused by natural radiation during its formation. Since it is already resonant with the frequencies of radiation, it can be effectively used to safeguard against electromagnetic emanations from computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.

Smoky Quartz cleanses one's aura and induces feelings of calm and serenity. Physically, Smoky Quartz facilitates removal of toxins from the body, regulates bodily fluids, and aids assimilation of minerals. Smoky Quartz can also alleviate cramps, headaches, and back pains by placing it directly over the affected area.

Since Smoky Quartz has such tremendous grounding capabilities, it should be cleansed under running water regularly to ensure continued effectiveness, especially prior to and after healing sessions.

I have clear, cloudy clear, rutilated, smokey quartz tumble stones. The qualities work the same but come from different parts of the world. Please select the one you would prefer.