"Gratitude opens the door to ... the power, the wisdom and the creativity of the universe.

You open the door through Gratitude"


Deepak Chopra


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Palm Stone - Dentritic Green Opal

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Treat yourself gently … this is a time of birth and new beginning, treat yourself tenderly as you start the new Spring season.  Care for your fragile self, like a new born baby.  Rest as often as you can in the Child Pose (Yoga Asana).  Meditate with this healing palm stone.

This is the time to focus on relationships, connectedness, love and self-care.  Spend relaxing, quality time with yourself or loved ones.  Focus on dropping the ‘critical inner talk’, speak to yourself with love, be mindful of your inner words to yourself and others.

Look at self-compassion, how you can nurture yourself out of the  habits of Winter sleep.

A very healing Palm Stone to carry around with you, even in the car, so you can take a few moments out of your busy lives, breathe and connect with buds of new possibilities, new hope and adventures for the Spring Season.

Dendritic Green Opal (Merlinite) Palmstone (gift bag included)

Formed from metallic water flowing in cracks

Location: Madagascar

Metaphysically: The green opal helps you ease into deep states of meditation, and also relieves stress and past trauma, so the heart can be connected back to. Dendrites connect to the blood vessels and nerves and deepen your connection to the leaves, earth roots etc, when grown through opal it is extra magic and goes much deeper because of the high water content.  This can bring stability in times of strife or confusion and healing with our connection to nature.

Healing: Purify and cleanse the heart, helps with skeletal disorders, reverses capillary degeneration, and stimulates the circulatory system.

Believed to facilitate communication with nature, this palm stone is a great crystal to carry with you. It is said to improve self-esteem and emotional balance.

This palm stone is smooth and tactile and fits in the palm of your hand. If you feel stressed or anxious, simply focus on the stone to soothe away your worries.

Whether for yourself or a loved one, this Dendritic Agate palm stone is a beautiful way to benefit from the soothing energy of the crystal at all times.